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  HucSte eb6d85ed90 Some modifications to optimize menu... 2 years ago
  HucSte 5ec0ccd1bc Correct bug chmod domain 2 years ago
  HucSte 8643295796 Some corrections about manage user, group web ... and others 2 years ago
  HucSte 4cace39ca7 Rewrite manage_users to separate how get user and group web 2 years ago
  HucSte c8a4cbe948 More improve to create certs SSL LE; 2 years ago
  HucSte 7db06df05f Add & corrects explains into README file 2 years ago
  HucSte 9208a69241 Verify if dir domain exists when create domain 2 years ago
  HucSte a3c82a7e7e Manage optimize max childrens 2 years ago
  HucSte d08b89a298 Big changes to manage menus! 2 years ago
  HucSte b8dec943eb Manage main menu 2 years ago
  HucSte 96a2930628 ask_domain: modify to detect if domains exists... 2 years ago
  HucSte 5d3f9e1ca3 Modify variables into file_cfg_site and others codes to manage-it! 2 years ago
  HucSte ae92d077d8 Correct little error into letsencrypt_cfg() 2 years ago
  HucSte 57339b9333 More corrections to run correctly with Let's Encrypt git clients 2 years ago
  HucSte e2e03ee9b1 Launcher: Test dir domain exists 2 years ago
  HucSte 7ae7a86984 Modify launcher to call certains menus more quickly (ssl cron|test ocsp), 2 years ago
  HucSte 4ebfcc14a1 Add more secure ciphers (by default) into ssl.cfg 2 years ago
  HucSte 5aa951cb71 Corrections about let's encrypt, to run correctly! 2 years ago
  HucSte 4c5ffad0fd Correct error with tool htpasswd; Corrects others errors 2 years ago
  HucSte 6906573452 v0.1 2 years ago
  HucSte 9bad5aa738 Few corrections; this version run correctly! 2 years ago
  HucSte 409fe4fccb Corrections about informations logrotate 2 years ago
  HucSte be667c9da5 Few corrections about user/group domain and user/group nginx 2 years ago
  HucSte 528bd3a3e4 Manage user,group nginx correctly; others corrections about users, groups 2 years ago
  HucSte bbac9306f7 Others explains 2 years ago
  HucSte bd91721b85 Few corrections on explains 2 years ago
  HucSte 596cbe6dd1 Few corrections, and adding more explains 2 years ago
  HucSte cb8d24294f Manage Frame-Options Headers 2 years ago
  HucSte ce202f02b0 Manage correctly CSP Headers 2 years ago
  HucSte 75e7a4ac65 Some corrections 2 years ago