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  HucSte 0f48bd7d03 Into folder WallpaperManager! ;) 1 year ago
  HucSte a555b6e8af add WallpaperManager for Mate onto OpenBSD! 1 year ago
  HucSte f2f9b02f10 A lilliputian correction... uncomment needed search 1 year ago
  HucSte 4506d6468f Script shell to minify codes css/js 1 year ago
  HucSte 64eb094dcd Update informations, and add french 1 year ago
  HucSte bc9050a345 Add WallpaperManager for Gnome3 1 year ago
  HucSte 72f5df28e0 Some corrections! 1 year ago
  HucSte 74bc7f45b6 Add pip update pip! 1 year ago
  HucSte d0d63bcc4a Corrections for url kernel 1 year ago
  HucSte 528369e1dd A little correction! 1 year ago
  HucSte 159ce440b4 Few corrections! 1 year ago
  HucSte 05a1e2e56f Correction into _chmod_system_map() 1 year ago
  HucSte f0fc61d120 Littles improve for script upd_kernel! 1 year ago
  HucSte 5b46f3c6af Little corrections for upd_kernel! 1 year ago
  HucSte a49c074114 Add script to update kernel! 1 year ago
  HucSte 92ffe0da16 Add new script: help to upgrade kernel! 1 year ago
  HucSte e648992a72 Correction nom function 1 year ago
  HucSte cb8d5ff0f8 Corrections scripts 2 years ago
  HucSte 5468ed5903 Ajout script 'Thunar Action perso : secure delete' 2 years ago
  HucSte 3a7851f628 Création du fichier motd.tcl 2 years ago
  HucSte 166a09a081 Petites corrections. 2 years ago
  HucSte d30adaed1d Help to upgrade Sid 2 years ago
  HucSte 192d10771f Backup DB 2 years ago
  HucSte da42886e60 Delete! 2 years ago
  HucSte 2d7e9830e3 Script to manage backups DB 2 years ago
  HUC Stéphane e60b2352c3 Delete mng_bckp 2 years ago
  HucSte 40adeeea29 Add codes to create GPG key correctly ... 2 years ago
  HucSte 904abd50ec Petites corrections ... 2 years ago
  HucSte 42d709ffe7 First version usable to manage gpg fingerprint and others actions... 2 years ago
  HucSte fa169700b1 Build menu ... 2 years ago