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./ Installer for drm-free commercial games

The canonical repository is, issues and PRs raised at mirrors will be migrated.


The ./ tool builds .deb and .pkg packages from installers for Windows or Linux, mainly those sold by GOG and Humble Bundle. The goal is that a game installed via ./ is indistinguishable from a game installed via the official repositories of your favorite distribution.

The games are installed globally on multi-user systems, avoiding unnecessary duplication. The locations of save games, settings, mods, temporary files and backups are standardized with XDG Base Directory support.

Packaging the games simplifies future updates, uninstalls and handling of any necessary dependencies, including integrated obsolete dependencies if specific versions are needed.


For recent Debian-based distros: apt install version

For everyone else:

git clone
make install

Once installed, you just need to provide a supported game installer as the first argument to create the package.


There is some documentation on how to add support for new games, but the best bet is to find a similar game and copy its script. You'll likely need to visit on IRC/Matrix to ask for more help. It can also be useful to upload your attempts to pastebin for commentary, or feel free to raise a WIP Merge Request.